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Agricultural Journal Application

management of crop information

Web Management System

integration of farmer proprerties


Data collection and analysis on crops


Aid System and intelligent decision-making

The Control in Your Hands

Elysios develops agricultural intelligence tools. We help horticulturists to have better results in their cultivation, with greater profitability, optimization of time and low waste of resources with crop traceability.

To do this, we combine the following three pillars:

Collection and Analysis

Through the collection and analysis of sensed data, decision making can be done much more accurately, guaranteeing the best result.

Control and automation

With the necessary information, it is possible to automate and control the moment of cultivation with greater practicality, optimizing the time of the producer.


Want to travel? No problems. With our solutions, you stay updated in real time of your cultivation and activity of your collaborators.


The Demetra Producer Application is practical, fast and inexpensive.

It helps you better control your farm, scheduling tasks, giving management tips, weather forecasting, logging applications and activities, and more.

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Web Platform


  • With the Demetra Web Platform, you have greater visibility into your cultivation, such as product management, tasks and analysis


  • You also get a lot of important information for decision making. Do you know which crop brings greater financial returns? Which demand more labor time? Which is more productive?
  • Now you can know.

Sensing and

The Complete Solution

Demetra is the control and automation platform developed specifically for the cultivation of vegetables, legumes, fruits and leafy.

You have complete planting control with key information to improve the management of your production.

The system uses information on the physiological needs of plants for accurate decision making, raising productivity while reducing planting operational costs.


With sensors in its cultivation, the system knows the amount of nutrients ideal for the best production of the plant, developing the plant in its optimum state.


The system acts in an intelligent way, controlling irrigation, fertirrigation, sectors, temperature, humidity, among others.


With Demetra installed, you have the security of knowing what happened, what is happening and what is scheduled for your crop.

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