Complete and smart solutions for your farm management.

How It Works?

We offer agricultural intelligence solutions for crop control, sensing and automation to increase your productivity using less inputs.

For Whom?

Whether you are a producer, a cooperative or a large company looking for a smart solution to manage and control your property, we have something for you.


Have you ever thought of having the confidence that your crop is getting the optimal amount of nutrients? At the same time that all the control and management of the property is done through your cellphone or computer? Our solutions adapt to the reality of each farmer.

Cooperatives and Companies

Manage several properties is a complex and challenging task. The Integrated Demetra Web Platform allows integrated crop control, ensuring traceability and crop predictability.

Controlled farms

Our crop automation and sensing solution allows the grower to focus his or her energy and time on plant management care, allowing Demetra intelligence to safely control crop variables.

Viticulture and Olive Growing

Solution aimed at those producers of Grape, Olive and similar crops that want to guarantee quality to the final product, through traceability, control of pests and diseases, etc.

Main Features

Property Management

Manage your property through our web platform and mobile app. Management of tasks and teams, purchases and orders are some of the features.

Crop Control

Control the multiple variables of your cultivation with our controller. Schedule irrigations, maintain optimal humidity and temperature, select the source of nutrients and more.

Result Analysis

Get analysis and reports on your property whenever you need it. Understand which cultivars are most productive! You will have access to all the information you need to make the best decision.


With the registration of the activities of the cultivation done through our digital field notebook you guarantee the traceability of the entire cycle, from the seedling to the final product. So, comply with all the norms and regulations of the market, besides generating more value for the consumer.

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