The company of agricultural intelligence that develops solutions to improve the control, sensing and automation of its cultivation.

What is a property control system?

A system in which we can combine all the data of your farm and deliver a management and analysis tool. It can be used by the farmer to manage his property and cultivation, either open or protected, or for a cooperative to integrate its producers and assist them in a more digital and optimized way.

Which Crops do we work?

Currently we work with the main cultivars of olericultura, floriculture and fruit growing worldwide. From tomatoes, to grapes.


Sign up through our website and we will contact you to talk and present the solution that makes the most sense for your reality.

Is there a contract?

Yes, we have a license agreement to use our software. Seeking to meet the reality of the producer, the user has the option to stop using the system at any time.

Who accesses this data?

All data placed into the system will only be accessed by the primary user of the property and whoever releases permission, be it a relative, collaborator, or a cooperative.

Is there security with this information?

We use the best web service systems to ensure the safest possible environment for your information. This way we present a robust and effective system for you to have the best experience.

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