- Smart Agriculture -

Digitizing agriculture


We believe in challenging the traditional model of agriculture on the planet, joining the old with the new. Our mission is to develop people and technologies for agribusiness capable of positively impacting society through socially just solutions, economically viable and ecologically correct.


We use the concepts of Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to increase profitability and productivity, optimizing the resources of the producer.


Elysios Agricultura Inteligente is the AgriTech company that offers agricultural intelligence solutions for crop control, sensing and automation to increase your productivity using less inputs.

For What?

Resource Economics

We put the plant as the center of decision making, in this way, it feeds exactly with what it needs. We use inputs efficiently


Almost 10 billion people will live in the world by 2050. Thus, with a growing population, food production will need to double over the next 30 years. It is essential to be efficient in agriculture, to do more with less.

Environmental Protection

We support the best use of our green area, encouraging more and more sustainable and ecological crops.


Work With Us

We are born with our own need. We work to make agriculture increasingly sustainable, we want to digitize agriculture, valuing family farming.

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